10 Command Every Server Admin Must Know

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Good everyday server management calls for running commands every now and then. Having hundreds of commands at a fingertip or stuffed in some folder is very helpful as these can easily be pulled out and troubleshooting will be made is easier.
Here is a list of just ten that every server or system admin administrator must know.

Active Directory1. To list all the FSMO role holders in your forest, run this command:

  • netdom query fsmo

2. To refresh group policy settings, run this command:

  • gpupdate

3. To check Active Directory replication on a domain controller, run this command:

  • repadmin /replsummary

4. To force replication from a domain controller without having to go through to Active

  • Directory Sites and Services, run this command:
  • repadmin /syncall

5. To see what server authenticated you (or if you logged on with cached credentials) you can run either of these commands:

  • set l
  • echo %logonserver%

5. To see what account you are logged on as, run this command:

  • whoami

6. To see the domain account policy (password requirements, lockout thresholds, etc) run this command:

  • net accounts

Windows Networking

7. To quickly reset your NIC back to DHCP with no manual settings, run this command:

  • netsh int ip reset all

8. To quickly generate a text summary of your system, run this command:

  • systeminfo | more

9. To see all network connections your client has open, run this command:

  • net use

10. To see your routing table, run either of these commands:

  • route print
  • netstat -r

Bonus Command

11. Need to run a trace, but don’t have Netmon or Wireshark, and aren’t allowed to install either one? Run this command:

  • netsh trace start capture=yes tracefile=c:capture.etl
  • netsh trace stop


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