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10 Million Passwords and Usernames Published Online

In the name of clarity and research, a security expert has compiled and published 10 million usable usernames and passwords online. Reports ZDNET. Mark Burnett is a security consultant and researcher who specializes in the security of Microsoft Windows-based servers and networks.

Apparently, the dump file is interesting! One sees a pattern of a varied users’ choice of id and passwords. Computing such data for research seems so enticing. However, this is not the only or first time someone has made available user names and passwords publicly.

In another world of underground-internet-activities malware and virus, publishing of user names for commercial gain is more useful, enticing and thriving. This is observable by the regular spam we encounter in our emails, website visits even SMS and voice calls. Whether or not you suspect your account has been compromised there is a way to check. 

Despite advances by the security industry, criminals continue to evolve their approaches to break through security defenses.

Image showing a listed username whose password is known

Here is how you can check if you have been pwned? and for the 10 million passwords you can check with the 87MB zipped file downloadable at Mark Burnett blog post. I checked and found one of my passwords listed but have left it there as the account compromised had no use for me. 

Despite advances by the security industry, criminals continue to evolve their approaches to break through security defenses and one can never be so sure

Mark Burnett Admits 
In his blog of 02.09.15 with a headline

Today I Am Releasing Ten Million Passwords

“This is completely absurd that I have to write an entire article justifying the release of this data out of fear of prosecution”

Mark Burnett Admits 
In his blog of 02.09.15

Why did he publish

“The intent here is certainly not to defraud, facilitate unauthorized access to a computer system, steal the identity of others, to aid any crime or to harm any individual or entity. The sole intent is to further research with the goal of making authentication more secure, and therefore protect from fraud and unauthorized access.”

Mark Burnett explaining why he dumped the password file to the public

Ten Million Passwords FAQ

Why did you release this data
How did you collect the data
Are you obsessed with passwords?
For a comprehensive question and answer follow this link

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