Electronic music inspired by technology from John Boswell

Inspirations You Might Have Missed | John Boswell Electronic Music

The Big Electron is a remix tribute song to late comedians Bill Hicks and George Carlin, using footage from their stand up routines. It was created by melodysheep (aka John D. Boswell) famously known for the Symphony of Science. You can hear and download Melodysheep’s entire collection of “inspirational and humorous remixes” at Remixes for the Soul..  The 2:30 minute video lasts so […]

iPhone 6 concept with bigger screen

iPhone 6 2014 – Bullet Proof Glass Concept

With a 4.7′ screen size the rumored iPhone 6 will move into the most favored screen size. iPhone build and quality is just superb but having to alternate between my favorite Android Samsung and iPhone 5 i always find adjustments to make with the screen size very difficult. The Samsung touch is flawless and the […]

Android tablet device

How To Protect Your Android Based Device from Malware

Cyber-criminals, with its underground activities, are ever more dangerous, keen and merely urged toward sophistication. Cyber criminals are organised into commercial units your unprotected Android device will swipe so easily as a step to steal your personal information. This rise has soured because of the rate of adoption of mobile devices. And criminals have validated […]