Windows Update sometimes creates BSoD

Microsoft Reissued Update MS14-045 With New Problems

A Black Screen of Death Plagues My Laptop With Z-Order Just at the height of praising Microsoft Windows Update services having been improved, I was sustained into disappointment with recent activities surrounding the updates.  MS14-045 Microsoft has reissued the flawed update MS14-045 released Tuesday, August 12 which had caused blue screen and reboot errors.  The […]

FSMO Roles

5 Roles Every Windows Server Administrator Must Know

Flexible Single Master Operations FSMO consists of 5 roles which are RID master, PDC emulator, Infrastructure master, Domain naming master, and Schema master. These 5 unique roles are in most ways a holy grail of every Microsoft Windows Server administrator. If you find yourself unaware of these roles just know that most of your network […]

Windows Update sometimes creates BSoD

Windows Update If You Installed Update MS14-045 Remove It Immediately

Last Week’s Microsoft Windows Update Creates Blue Screens Of Death. Microsoft has recommended uninstallation of of MS14-045 and a few other updates after a number of customers reportedly experienced the blue screens of death and reboot loop. After an update on my Think Edge A9z i just saw my pc suddenly reboot with 5 updates to be installed. […]

Flexible materials

Materials for Tomorrow Graphene and Its Future

Through a study of discrete and continuous quantum graphs an interest has emerged to produce a possible directions of the various research projects by the  involved Universities. Key interest in the study is Transport properties of networks and their complexity. Projects and research are underway through application of graphene manipulation. What is Graphene? It’s the versatile […]