Mobile phone codes that work in zambia

10 Mobile Phone Codes That Work In Zambia That You Should Know

  # Code Service 1 *123# | *1345# [dial] Request Own Number 2 *#06# [dial] IMEI Serial Number 3 *113# [dial] Request to Recharge Balance 4 *#43# [dial] Show Status of Call Waiting 5 *#0000# [dial] Display phone software [Samsung and Nokia] 6 *114#  [dial] Request Account Balance 7 *#61#  [dial] Call Forwarding Status 8 […]

iPhone 6 concept with bigger screen

Why iPhone 6 will be a Legend – An Android Look-Alike

There’s a lot more to the new iPhone than a larger display. According to Apple the new iPhone 6 Its beauty is more than screen deep. iPhone 6 feels as good as it looks. Seamless: There are no distinct edges. The cover glass curves around the sides to meet the anodized aluminum enclosure. “We are so thrilled about the performance […]

iPhone 6 concept with bigger screen

Apple Tightens iCloud Security Amid iPhone 6 Release

Apple beefed up the security of iCloud a day before the launch of something big on the biggest event of the year. This arose amid celebrity hacked nude photos circulating around the internet.  Apple admitted on Tuesday that the alleged nude photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton released on Internet message boards were the result of […]