10 Command Every Server Admin Must Know

windwos server

Good everyday server management calls for running commands every now and then. Having hundreds of commands at a fingertip or stuffed in some folder is very helpful as these can easily be pulled out and troubleshooting will be made is easier.   Here is a list of just ten that every server or system admin…

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How to Setup Your Android Phone For Internet

Galaxy A5 2017 phone

Setting up an android phone for internet is so easy be it  Africa or America, Asia or Europe. If you are in Nigeria on Airtel or SOuth Africa MTN or Vodafone in Zambia the settings are pretty much the same. Find “Access Point Names” Slide your finger down the display starting from the top edge…

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How to hard reset Nokia Lumia 630

nokia lumia 630

Resetting a Nokia Lumia 630 phone apparently isn’t that hard. When people think it is. If your Nokia Lumia 630 has frozen and and nothing seem to be happening as you fugitive around here is your hope to quickly reset it. Steps to reset Nokia Power off your phone. Then press and hold Volume Down…

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