What is Bitcoin where is it found, has bitcoin got a future

Whats Bitcoin currency?

What is Bitcoin where is it found, has bitcoin got a future? In a very simple terms that every Zambian can understand what is Bitcoin? The best and very interesting answer is that today 1 Bitcoin is trading @61,329.70 thousand Zambian Kwacha. Bitcoin was the first currency to be transacted on a Blockchain (i.e. distributed registers).…

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Is Netflix available in Zambia how can you subscribe

Is Netflix available in Zambia

Is Netflix available in Zambia and where can you find it? Netflix is an Internet company with an online subscriber. It streams entertainment video service and content. It also represent one of the largest internet companies.   Currently Netflix net worth is more than $70 Billion and has a subscriber base of more than 50…

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iPhone X brings face recognition as password

iPhone x with face id enhance security of the mobile phone

Apple iPhone X preorder starts today and Apple promises the new iPhone is the future; Our vision has always been to create an iPhone that is entirely screen. One so immersive the device itself disappears into the experience. Earlier in September 2017 at the Apple Event Apple CEO Tim Cook had announced several devices that…

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New Apple iPhone X pronounced iphone 10 full specs

iPhone X pronounced as iPhone 10

Apple iPhone X pronounced iPhone 10 is the latest phone from Apple scheduled for release on Friday 3rd November but pre orders starts 27th October. The phone price is pegged to start at $999 American dollars which is equivalent to 10,014.96 Zambian kwacha.   However the pricing is different for each country and Russia so…

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How ransomware bad rabbit spread

Bad Rabbit Malware

After locking down the computers the cyber criminals behind Bad Rabbit are demanding 0.05 Bitcoin ($285 =2,835.58ZK) from victims. Bad Rabbit is a new strain of ransomware spreading and infecting computers.   What you need to know about Bad Rabbit Ransomware attacks are not subtle. You will receive a notification immediately It spreads via a…

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The most information technology acclaimed series mr robot is back

Elliot played by Malek in Mr Robot

The most acclaimed information technology tv series Mr Robot is back for its third installment season 3. Aired on 11th October the season premiere episode one was dumbed ps3.0_power-saver-mode.h.  Catching up from season 2 episode 12, which was last aired on 21st September 2016, eps2.9_pyth0n-pt2.p7z. We see Elliot our schizophrenic friend realizes his mission, and needs help from the…

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Mr Robot season three reveals hidden gem of the internet

Shodan search engine

In the season 3 premiere of Mr Robot we saw Elliot meet up with Tyrell who had shot him earlier at the conclusion of season 2. After briefly telling Tyrell that he was ‘okay’ we saw Mr Alderson sit behind a computer and type in the Mozilla Firefox browser shodan.io.   A page opened up redirecting…

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MTN slash down galaxy S7 edge with a free tablet

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge MTN special offer

MTN Zambia has slashed the pricing of the Samsung flagship smartphone Galaxy S7 Edge. The incredible S7 Edge was marked at 10,500 Kwacha but has been smacked down to 6,150 Kwacha with a free tablet on top. Tab 3 Lite priced at 1,500 Kwacha has been bundled together with the Galaxy S7 Edge as an…

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The danger ranking officials using social media

High ranking officials on social media

Social Media is popular and desirable concluding many studies to reveal how much value and happiness it adds to our lives. But `Social Media has it’s own pitfalls which can be damaging to one’s career and dent the face of an organization, agency or institution. In simple terms our social life reflects back on those…

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