Editing Hosts File On Windows

Editing Hosts file in Windows

Editing Hosts file on Windows operating system is easy as long as you don’t open the file in the native location because you wont get the Open as Administrator option. A hosts file is an ASCII text file that contains IP Addresses mapped to domain name separated by at least one space. Each entry is kept on…

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Goodbye To Google Drive Hello Google One

Google is ditching google drive for Google One

Google is ditching Google Drive for Google One. If you are an Android User then am so sure you are a Google User. And you must be using the Google refined ecosystem of Gmail for your mail communication, photo storage with services such as Google Drive and Photos. Google offers a who lot of cloud…

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Best Sci-fi movie to watch now on Netflix in Zambia

Anon movies about technology

Watching Netflix in Zambia.  Andrew Niccol’s latest catch  “Anon,” available on Netflix and accessible in Zambia, takes a spin on the idea of “the mind’s eye,”. The movie envisions a not-too-distant future in which our first-person perspective is always on record.  What’s more interesting is that Anon says our brains are truly like computers and…

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