Google Maps Roll Big Major Fresh Update

Google Maps get fresher and major update

If you are a user of Google Maps in Zambia you must be happy as a key and major rollout is happening from today for the Google Maps application. Google Maps has many good points. I love looking at Google Maps as it helps me quickly locate places in Zambia. When I have a trip…

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Why iPhone 7 Product Red is not Popular in Zambia

iPhone 7 Product Red Special Edition was introduced by Apple of California in March 2017.  Despite that every purchase of iPhone 7 Product Red contributes to the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS the phone itself has not sold out much in Zambia. Apart from the iStore in Lusaka no other outlet including Mobile City and the major…

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Safeguard Network Infrastructure Devices and Security

Secure network devices for a well guarded infrastructure

Most of the computer users in Zambia are very well aware of viruses and the damage these programs have caused. Earlier in cyber security the actors high targeted devices have been laptops and computers. As a result the users are now more cautious taking steps to safeguard their precious computers and data. But their is…

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Airtel Zambia Care Mobile App

Airtel Zambia Care App

Airtel Zambia Care App is an Airtel mobile application that offer a self service for android and iOS users running on Airtel mobile connection. What does Airtel Care app offers? The App is encased in a user interface that ensures a fast open and secure experience. Its clean and tidy following on efficiency and what…

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Why Portable Mobile Wifi Routers are Hot Cake in Zambia

Huawei Portable Mobile Wifi

Have you ever wondered Why Portable Mobile Wifi Routers are Hot Cake in Zambia? Portable or Mobile wifi is the device that offer the most cheapest type of internet in Zambia. Hence the first choice of internet for the large number of users.  At Vodafone a 95 Kwacha will get me 8 worth of data and…

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Killer features of macOS Mojave

macOS Mojave

One of the drawbacks for me being a website owner, blogger and having the tendency to open several browsing tabs is that Safari never shows the favicon. A favicon is the icon you see in the opened tab of a browser representing a website. Browsers that support a tabbed document interface typically show a page’s favicon next to…

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