Eastern Province gets more Zamtel towers

Eastern Province gets more Zamtel towers

Hundreds of people in Kanyama and Penje-Penje villages of Petauke and Lusangazi Districts on Wednesday witnessed the commissioning of two newly constructed communication towers in the areas by Zamtel. Zamtel is constructing 1009 new towers across the country as part of plans to attain universal coverage of communication services. The two towers commissioned are part […]

2019 Netflix Sci-Fi Movies Available In Zambia

2019 Netflix Sci-Fi Movies Available In Zambia

Given thousands of videos on shelf-ready for streaming or download and watch later when offline Netflix provides un-relentless however overwhelming list. Netflix’s front page choice of movies again seems to be regionalised. Meaning: What you see in India on the front page might be different from what I see in Zambia. This means sometimes you […]

Barclays Bank Zambia Gets New URL

Barclays Bank Zambia Gets New URL Portal Fresh Look

Barclays Internet Banking recently got a new URL for the internet banking portal. The new URL zm.barclaysafrica.com comes after the fresh look and feel introduced in August 2018. The new look and freshness of the Barclays internet banking focused on enhancing usability for the internet banking customers. Previously the internet banking url for Zambia maintained […]

Can use cyrptocurrencies like Bitcoin to purchase products in Zambia

Can I Use Cryptocurrencies in Zambia?

According to the Bank of Zambia, BOZ, cryptocurrencies are not a legal tender in Zambia. What is a cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets. Examples of […]

Types of IPv4 Addresses 5 Special IPv4 Address Blocks

Types of IPv4 Addresses 5 Special IPv4 Address Blocks

There are several blocks, or ranges, of IPv4 addresses reserved for several purposes. The IP address or Internet Protocol is a numerical label assigned to each device that is a phone, computer or smart tv connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. IPv4 is Internet Protocol version 4 the fourth […]

Zamtel Customer Service Center

New Zamtel Customer Service Centre opens in Woodlands

Zamtel has officially opened its new ultra-modern Customer Service Centre in Lusaka’s Woodlands area. The Industrial Development Cooperation Group Chief Executive Officer Mateyo Kaluba officially opened the new Centre which is located on Independence Avenue. The Customer Service Center will provide convenience to Zamtel customers within the surrounding areas such as Ibex, Woodlands, Chilenje, Chalala […]

MTN Zambia celebrating 2 million mobile money subscriber

MTN Zambia Mobile Money Hits 2,000,000 Million User Base

MTN Zambia Mobile money hits a 2,000,000 active user base while MTN SA is struggling, only progressing to relaunch the mobile money service in South Africa which was shut down in 2016. MTN has enjoyed success with Mobile Money in several markets across Africa especially countries like Tanzania and Kenya. Referring to the statistics provided […]

Most of the mobile phone devices are not 5G ready

When Is 5G Coming To Zambia

5G is the fifth generation cellular network technology which is also called 5G NR (5G New Radio) defined by the industry association 3GPP. Industry 3GPP known implementations in Zambia include: GSM – 2G and 2.5G which carried Edge/GPRS. UMTS – 3G with the HSPA LTE – 4G and the Advanced LTE like partially implemented Zamtel 4.5G 3GPP is […]