2020 DStv packages and price for DStv Zambia

DStv Zambia has 6 packages that start with Family, Compact/plus and Premium and the add-on services Access Fee
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Currently for the year 2020 DStv Zambia or MultiChoice Zambia has 5 entertainment packages on their dish and digital satellite network available to the Zambian consumer.

The DStv Zambia subscription packages start at 210 Kwacha for Family to 330 Kwacha for Compact and Compact Plus at 490 Kwacha. There is an additional 115 Kwacha Access Fee for each of these packages and subscriptions. The Access fee is an add-on service that allows DStv subscribers to access PVR functionalities like;

Pause Live TV

Record functionality for those with PVR decoders

Catch Up and

Box Office rentals.

And finally, there is an Ultimate subscription called DStv Premium at 850 Kwacha

Putting it in a list format the following entertainment packages are available on the 2020 subscriptions by DStv Zambia.

DSTV Access at 115 Zambian Kwacha

DStv Family at 210 Zambian Kwacha

DStv Compact at 330 Zambian Kwacha

DStv Compact Plus at 490 Zambian Kwacha

DStv Premium at 850 Zambian Kwacha

DStv Now And Showmax

These services are only available in selected countries and devices.

DStv Now is a free app for DStv customers. It’s the home of DStv on the move – with the ability to watch Live TV, see the full DStv TV Guide, enjoy DStv Catch Up content and search for your favourites on a variety of devices, from desktop and laptop computers, to a multitude of Android and iOS-based tablets and smartphones.

Showmax gives you access to thousands of hours of local and international movies and series. There’s something for everyone, from familiar favourites to the best blockbusters. It’s available on multiple devices so you can enjoy the best entertainment at home or on the move.

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