3 important security tips for your email

3 important security tips for your email
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The advent of technology has brought means of easier communication on which our lifestyles have come to be built on. For instance, your email address is critical to accessing most resources residing over the internet or online accounts.

For the average internet user, these include banking, shopping, access to online academic credentials and certificates, even government accounts.

Therefore keeping your email secure is every part important to keep your accounts safe. Here are 3 important security tips you can take around your email:

1. Use a password manager

Investing in a password manager seems a waste of money. But utilizing a password manager like 1Password, LastPass, or Apple’s Keychain will make your email password stronger and unique.

All these password managers are free and come into the Chrome extension.

2. Use two-factor authentication (2FA)—if available

Layered security is important security practice. If hackers are able to get your email password, they would still need another source to authenticate and gain access to your email. That’s how 2FA as a security layer on top of another is important.

3. Don’t share very sensitive information via email

Don’t email birth certificates, ID numbers, passport scans, etc. Emails are becoming much more secure in transit, but it’s not foolproof yet.

A hacker having access to your scanned air ticket can change your reservation and many other caveats that come with the booking. That’s the world we have come to live in.

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