3 Wearables At Least You Need to Know

sports wearables
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In sports with today’s technology there are plenty of devices that can help sportsmen collect data and measure performance. Here is 3 wearables at least you need to know that are so cool with technology.
sports wearables

Nike Hyperdunk+
For measuring total performance of athletes. Jump height, distance covered, average speed etc. Quiet cool! 
Several sensors embedded in the shoe transmit via bluetooth to the smartphone

Price Offers starts from $140.
Huge sportlr benefits. This is value for money for the ambitious sportsman.

Google Glass

Designed for those who move. Record and never miss every moment. Made for the open road. Create a true big brother. This is a creation to an open society.

Best Offer 18+ $1500 usd
Quiet a whopping figure but for whats its worth? A making of the future!

Apple Watch

Coming early 2015 Apple Watch from Apple. 
Expected Superb quality but for me the screen protrusion distracts a sort of beauty that i see in a wearable
With the Apple’s alumni obsession the wearable will just extend one’s arm wrestling ego. Price $???

JawBone Up24
Band + App + You = Up System.

An efficient wireless fitness sync where screen has no prior

Pricing starts from $105. 
Best tech to gadget around with. More space and less distraction. A pure wearable band with transistors in it.
3 Wearables At Least You Need to Know 1

Samsung Gear Neo.

Its catchy, meaning you have to be a sumsung guy. To work fine the Gear need to see the Samsung mobile around.

Pricing starts from $180. 
Too pricy for promised features that don’t work fine. 

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