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35% of the internet bandwidth is pornography – 5 interesting facts about internet usage

35% of all internet usage and downloads are of pornography nature but here are also the other 5 interesting facts about internet bandwidth usage.

The average time spent on a pornographic site is between 15 and 20 minutes. And one of the most popular pornography websites (xvideos.com / pornhub.com) hosts over 100TB of porn and serves more than 100 million pages per day.

This equates to an average of 950 terabytes of data transferred per day. Though more accurately gathered in developed worlds this massive data includes traffic from Zambia.

Today a mere type of search terms related to porn in Zambia outputs several pages. And the traffic trend is increasing as can be observed from social media postings like Facebook Story and WhatsApp Status.

Data obtained from zedgirls a Zambian site that hosts Zambian females trending on social media reveal particular searches that Zambian audience is seeking pornography material.

5 interesting facts about internet bandwidth

For now, the key question is “what is using all the bandwidth?” Who is doing what and what time and from where?

Bandwidth usage in 2002 was 1.4 terabytes per second but by 2012 it was 92 and today its 607 terabytes per second. Of these facts about the internet bandwidth 65% usage goes to entertainment.

65% of all web traffic during peak hours is devoted to streaming services

Says whoishostingthis

14% is used on PC, 24% on TV, 104% on Tablets, 79% on mobile. The amount of streaming (video and audio) data passing through IP networks equals 6 million years of watching that is 3 trillion hours per month.

Netflix gains a larger share of 35% of this streaming bandwidth followed by YouTube gaining 27%. Hulu, Amazon and HBO GO share the reminder.

Here is the complete infographic of how internet bandwidth is been used courtesy of WhoIsHostingThis

What is using all the bandwidth?
What is using all the bandwidth?
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