FSMO Roles

5 Roles Every Windows Server Administrator Must Know

FSMO- Flexible Single Master Operations                                                                                            
These 5 unique roles are in the most ways a holy grail of every Microsoft Windows Server administrator. If you find yourself unaware of these roles just know that most of your network weird unproductive activities could be well coded there.

Operation Master Roles
Operation Master Roles or FSMO meaning Flexible Single Master Operations

Fsmo Roles
Forest Roles                                                                                                                                              
  • Schema Master | The schema master is forest wide and there’s one for each forest. Remember the adprep /domainprep command. It worked because this role was operational.
  • Domain Naming | Crucial for upgrades and demotions. It must be online when domains and application partitions in a forest are added or removed.
  • PDC Emulator | This role must be online and accessible 24/7 for password and user account updates. Its a default target for the domain group policy and some admin tools
  • RID Master | Must be online for newly promoted domain controllers to obtain a local RID pool thats required to advertise or when existing domain controllers have to update their current RID pool allocation.
  • Infrastructure Master | Responsible for cross-domain reference and phantoms from the global catalog.
How To Determine The Role Holders                                                                                                    
Powershell Comand
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