6 Amazing Features of New iPhone 6 Why you will want to buy

6 Amazing Features of New iPhone 6 Why you will want to buy

With rumors souring so confidently, we can easily know the iPhone 6 release is imminent. Here are the few features that will fascinate the iOS culture and make you want to buy it.

#1 The looks!

Rich tone five different colors! Black, white, cyan blue, dark green, and gold. ID touch screen is going to be on the phone and also the edges will be round with the screen wrapping around it too. 
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#2 Less buttons

The physical buttons on the sides are removed, meaning everything is touch screen. You will just need to touch the icons and symbols for the desired action.

Buttonless Rumored iPhone

#3 Removable Hard Glass

iiPhone 6 will come equipped with a hard glass -the bullet proof Concept- that will not shatter or scratch. There will be an option to take off this case though.
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#4 Charging through iBox

iPhone 6 will come with iBox that will require charging but in turn as you walk around the vicinity your phone is wirelessly charged. It take care of the hassle of plug in, broken codes
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#5 Length and width

A pretty 6 x 5 inches (15.4cm x 12.7cm). Its going to be a bit skinny 0.7inches (2cm). The weight, in volumetric, of the phone without a case on it is about 3.2 OZ (94.6cm3)
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#6 Battery life

Battery life will exceed the previous iPhones (admit it many iPhone 6 came with a bit disappointing battery) . “If you fully charge your iPhone until it hits 100% it’ll last for 22 hours if you’re on it for the entire period. But if you’re not the 100% can last up to 4 days”.

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