7 proven hacks to make money through Instagram

7 proven hacks to make money through Instagram 1
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Being the 6th most popular social media platform worldwide, Instagram has escalated to become one of the social media sites with the highest profiles.

Instagram fans love their visual imagery and focus on photos. And the supporters of Instagram have made it one of the most common platforms to share pictures for people.

The recent observation has analyzed its rapid popularity rise in the evolution of influencer marketing on Instagram. And with this, Instagram has bounced to 700 million users, with 400 million daily active users. And more than 50 billion photos have been uploaded so far on Instagram.

Let’s begin with our main motive of this content here, i;e, how can you make money on Instagram?

In the beginning, making money through Instagram is a bit challenging without a good number of fans following. Not the fake followers but having valuable and potential followers will boost your revenue, as they are the one who will turn into your buyers and influence their followers to create an interest in your brand or product.

But did you know that more than 500 million users are active on Instagram daily, imagine how many people are just waiting to find out about you and what you have to offer!

7 Proven Hacks to Make Money from Instagram

1. Choose A Niche:
If you are planning to earn money through Instagram, you have to live breath your brand. And observe how your potential partners see things. Big brands will be comparing your audience with their target market. According to a study, major percent of brands prefer micro-influencer who they believe in having a more authentic connection with their audience. </p>

2. Reach & Influence:
Have you ever thought why businesses pay to Instagram followers like you? Because they get exposure to your broad audience, and they expect to make money by turning your followers into a buyer of their product and recommend to other users on Instagram. Instagram is much more generous with sharing your photos to your fan’s feed.

And posting at the right time with relevant hashtags, your organic reach will be more compared to other social media platforms.

But what if your fan following is few hundreds, to begin with? Then your potential audience size becomes low. With a minor gap, your content won’t receive much exposure, and you have to solo drive your sale and brands product. That’s why you need to to make money on this platform.

3. Engaged Followers:
No doubt more followers will improve your popularity, and it increases the probability to appear in more Instagram feeds. But what if people are not interested in your posts? All hard and best work goes waste, and it feels like a failure. You can judge how well you are doing by following parameters and engaging by helping your commenters with their queries, which further boost your engagement with your followers.

  • The Number of Comments: Never ignore comments of your customers; always reply to their queries to develop their trust in your profile and brand.
  • The Number of Emails: Notifying your valuable followers with your latest post or product through an email newsletter will immediately increase the exposure of your products.

4. Post-Sponsored Content:
With this strategy, you involve in marketing without any headache of e-commerce. It’s just posting about the product, service or brand. There is a downside to it. Not all brands are born equal. Even if sponsored content works for you, you will need to put every brand who wants to work with you through a rigorous “does this fit my brand”.

Candice Swanepoel has made a lot of money through Instagram just by posting her hot photos
Candice Swanepoel has made a lot of money through Instagram just by posting her hot photos

5. Become An Affiliate Marketer:

Unlike sponsored content, becoming an affiliate marketer is less about spreading awareness, and more about generating sales. Because you only generate revenue when your follower purchases the product, but as an affiliate marketer, you don’t need to worry about products or fulfilling orders.</p>

6. Sell Your Product:
This strategy of making money from Instagram reels is beyond marketing and into actual e-commerce. Instead of using your brand to sell other’s product, sell your own. With this, you can also share your advice as a consultant, and if you have your brand, then marketing on Instagram is a power boost to your marketing strategy.

So turning your audience into your customers may well be a natural fit.

7. Brand Sponsorship:
Brand Sponsorship (paid partnership with a brand) is another best and great way to make money through Instagram. Whenever you used to add a post on Instagram, you may have observed paid partnership with this company. Those are nothing but sponsored post on Instagram.

For getting those sponsors, you need to grow your account. Your audience should be real; it’s not enough if you have an only fake audience because the fake audience does not help you to get like and views.
If you have thousands of likes and views that means people are interested in your content. Then brands will come to you and will be asking you to promote their product, and they will be paying a certain percentage of that particular product value. The money you make from that product mainly depends upon your reach or channel or engagement of your Instagram account.

A lot of celebrities spend lakhs of rupees for posting every single post. Using these ways, lots of Instagramers used to make money through the Instagram platform. 

Tips for Making Money on Instagram
Practicing the below-mentioned tips will surely help you save your time and make more revenue from Instagram.

  • Know your worth
  • Keep tabs on your competitors
  • Respond to customer inquiries quickly
  • Be professional
  • Don’t engage with inactive users
  • Use Instagram tools to save time
  • Promote yourself on other channels

Take Away:
Apart from implementing the strategies mentioned above to make money from Instagram, using other social media platforms will widen your reach. Like using an email newsletter for notifying your audience about your new content.

I am sure following these useful strategies will surely gain you good revenue through Instagram marketing.
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