Africa’s Internet Exchange Points

Internet Exchange Point center
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What is Africa’s Internet Exchange Points – IXP?

Its an autonomous infrastructure system through which ISPs Internet Service Providers and CDNs Content Delivery Networks exchange internet traffic between their networks.

A quick Wikipedia definition of Internet exchange point -IXP says;

“An Internet exchange point is a physical infrastructure through which Internet service providers and content delivery networks exchange Internet traffic between their networks.”

From this definition we can see that the primary purpose of an IXP is to allow networks to interconnect directly. Via the exchange, rather than through one or more third-party networks. And the main reason for deploying this autonomous infrastructure is rooted in the cost, latency, and bandwidth.

Therefore a properly managed IXP benefits results from saving cost to speeding local data exchange and also encourages the development of locally hosted content and services.

  • Like the need for quality of Voice Over IP and
  • Video on Demand demand has increased in the Zambian region through DSTVNetflix, and MTN TV+

Internet exchange point allow ISPs to internet-connect directly to each other in the process improving quality of service and reducing transmission costs. It’s a win for ISP’s (less international traffic means lower costs). Why should content within region be routed internationally then back?

And as a result the iXP has proved a win for the end user as the content service is delivered with speed just locally rather than traversing international pipes. It also helps Google search that localises content e.g 

Further, the IXP host also attract international content and connectivity providers, becoming a regional hub for Internet traffic. And South Africa has acted has the best CDN home for Central and Southern Africa. Economic and conducive IT environment in South Africa has proliferated more IPX stations than any other country in Africa. 

This website itself uses CDN provided from South Africa to localise content for Zambia while the actual site is hosted in Chicago US.


Below is the List of Africa’s Internet Exchange Points 

  1. Angola: 2 Points both located in Luanda
    • Angola Internet Exchange (Angola-IXP, ANG-IX)
    • Angola Internet Exchange (Angonix)
  2. Benin: Based in Cotonou
    • Benin Internet Exchange Point (BENIN-IX
  3. Botswana:
    • Botswana Internet Exchange (BINX)
  4. Congo Republic: Located in Brazzaville: 
    • Congo Internet eXchange (CGIX)
  5. Cote D’Ivoire:
    • Côte d’Ivoire Internet Exchange Point (CIVIX)
  6. Congo Dem. Republic: Kinshasa
    • Kinshasa Internet Exchange (RDC-IX/KINIX)
  7. Djibouti: Locate in Djibouti
    • The Djibouti Internet Exchange (DjIX)
  8. Gambia: Serekunda
    • Serekunda Internet Exchange Point (SIXP)
  9. Ghana: Accra
    • Ghana Internet Exchange (GIX)
  10. Kenya: Nairobi
    • Kenya Internet Exchange (KIXP)
  11. Lesotho: Hosted in Maseru
    • Lesotho Internet Exchange Point (LIXP)
  12. Madagascar: Antananarivo
    • Madagascar Global Internet eXchange (MGIX)
  13. Malawi: Blantyre
    • Malawi Internet Exchange (MIX-BT)
  14. Mauritius: Ebene CyberCity
    • Mauritius Internet Exchange Point (MIXP)
  15. Morocco: MTDS
    • Morocco Internet Exchange Point (MARIX)
  16. Mozambique:
    • Mozambique Internet Exchange (MOZ-IX)
  17. Namibia: Windhoek
    • Windhoek Internet Exchange Point (WHK-IX)
  18. Nigeria: Based in Lagos
    • Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN)
  19. Réunion, Saint-Denis
    • REUNIX
  20. Rwanda: 2 points both located in Kigali
    • Rwanda Information & Communication Technology Association (RICTA)
    • Rwanda Internet Exchange (RINEX)
  21. South Africa: 6 points located in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg 

    • Cape Town Internet Exchange (CINX)
    • NAPAfrica Cape Town (NAPAfrica CT1)
    • Durban Internet Exchange (DINX)
    • NAPAfrica Durban (NAPAfrica DB1)
    • NAPAfrica Johannesburg (NAPAfrica JB1)
    • Johannesburg Internet Echange ((JINX)
  22. Sudan: Khartoum 
    • Sudanese Internet Exchange Point (SIXP)
  23. Swaziland:
    • Swaziland Peering Point (SISPA)
  24. Tanzania: Two stations in Dar es salaam and Arusha
  25. Uganda: Kampala
    • Uganda Internet Exchange Point (UiXP)
  26. Zambia: Lusaka
    • Lusaka IXP (Lusaka IXP) and finally
  27. Zimbabwe: Located in Harare
    • Zimbabwe Internet Exchange (ZINX)


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