After 28 Years of Service Microsoft is Killing WordPad

After 28 Years of Service Microsoft is Killing Wordpad
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Yes after 28 years of service Microsoft is killing Wordpad but oh ye we many of computer users knew not of the application.

Microsoft WordPad is a basic word-processing program that comes pre-installed with the Microsoft Windows operating system. It has been a part of the Windows operating system for many years and is often included as a simple text editor for creating and editing documents.

While it is not as feature-rich as Microsoft Word, which is part of the Microsoft Office suite, WordPad is designed for performing basic text editing tasks.

WordPad allows users to create, format, and edit documents with features like font selection, text formatting (bold, italic, underline), paragraph formatting (alignment, bullet points), and basic spell-checking. It also supports basic features like copy, paste, and find and replace.

It is often used for tasks such as creating simple notes, drafting short documents, or making quick edits to text files. WordPad provides a straightforward and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users who need basic word processing functionality without the complexity of more advanced programs like Microsoft Word.

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I have been using WordPad since 1998 when i had my first computer running Windows 98 which lacked the Microsoft Office 1997. I could afford the Microsoft Office and settled for WordPad. Through the years i have been using it occasionaly for creating or editing documents that dont require complex editing.

When is WordPad retiring, on what day Microsoft is killing WordPad? Microsoft has stopped updating the application and since it comes preinstalled with Windows it means the future versions of Windows will not come with the app pre-installed.

What are the alternatives to WordPad

Yes Microsoft is killing WordPad so is the alternative. Of course Microsoft Word is. Nonetheless if you are more interested in cloud based solutions then a Google Docs will do. But for a more lightweight and simple alternative, Notepad++ is a great choice. It’s known for its versatility, supporting various programming languages and offering a tabbed interface for easy multitasking.

Also the plain old Notepad which is native to Windows though no feature rich can help to easily create the simplest text.

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