Airtel Zambia internet settings

Airtel Zambia Internet Settings

Originally known as Celtel the company was founded in 1998 under Airtel Africa. Airtel Zambia Internet settings is very easy to setup when you are using an Android phone. It’s just a few easy steps and you are done.


On the iPhone it’s even more easy. With the latest iOS on your device all you need is to insert an Airtel Data Enabled sim card and the phone will automatically pick the settings. If it doesn’t work you can contact Airtel Customer Care and they will configure for you.


 Airtel Internet Settings

  • Go to Settings
  • Locate Mobile Networks
  • Go to Access Point Name
  • If the APN does not exist go to Create/Add New APN
  • In the Name type Airtel
  • In the APN type Internet


Also ensure your sim card is running on 4G/3G network to enjoy the best speeds.


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