Airtel Zambia Services The Mobile Telecommunications Company

Airtel Zambia Services
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Airtel Zambia or Airtel Networks Zambia PLC is a technology company in Zambia specialised in providing telecom services.

It was formerly called Celtel Zambia but also once branded as Zain when the mobile telecom was acquired by the Arabic company a Kuwait MTC in mid 2000s.

But soon in 2010 Zain Zambia together with other African Zain Operations was sold off to an Indian firm Bharti Airtel except for Sudan and South Sudan countries where Zain still operates

Airtel Zambia is one of the pioneers of mobile telecommunication technology in the country when in the early days it operated under a name called Zamcell.

Early investments includes countrywide installation of Cell Sites and Cell Towers.

Firstly along the towns located in the countries of rail line and main roads. These includes Solwezi through Chingola Ndola, Kapiri, kabwe and Capital city Lusaka.

Also provincial centers such as Livingstone and its major towns along the Southern province main road. Kasama in Northern province and Mansa in Luapula. Also Mongu and many other towns across the country.

Airtel Zambia Today

Apart from the large investments in the telecom infrastructure the company also engages in the sale of voice and data services to its network subscribers.

It also sales these services to foreign telephony providers when their subscribers utilize Airtel Zambia through roaming.

Additionally the company sales mobile devices such as smartphones and wifi routers for home data services.

Airtel Zambia Products

Concluding on the product list is various services enjoyed across the country by thousands of subscribers.

Airtel Marketplace

Mobile Radio and Games-Club.

Airtel Football – The Airtel Rising Star produced current Zambia national football team stars such as Enock Mwepu and Patson Daka

Self care

Airtel Portal

In insurance their is Airtel Insurance

Airtel Misses You

Caller Ring Back Tunes

Airtel Blessing Connection

Hello Tunes, Learn French

Airtel Money

Airtel Zambia Services The Mobile Telecommunications Company 1
Airtel Money In Zambia


Airtel Mobile App

Airtel Internet Services

International Services: Airtel international services include;

International Calling Tariffs,

Airtel International Roaming Services Coverage

One Airtel Roaming Tariffs and

Airtel World Roaming Tariffs.

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