Apple Watch 4 Series Latest Cool Gadget and Specs

Where to buy Apple Watch 4 Series in Zambia
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Undoubtedly the new Apple Watch 4 stands out as the latest cool gadget coming from the American company.

Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a larger display, better healthy features, and a redesigned body. It is hailed solidly as a cool gadget.

Here are the hints from the designers and manufacturer 

Part Guardian Part Guru

The Apple Watch 4 has medical association approval for its ECG. It can detect a fall and has an alert emergency SOS

Workout Detection

When starting your work out either jogging yoga or running be it cycling the watch is built for the activities. Advanced features like cadence and pace keep you tracking your workout.


Powerful built in computing allows for activity sharing with friends. Head to head data recording. Monthly analysis of goal achievement. Personalized coaching.

More Power

Built in cellular allows you to get use of the functionality even when away from your phone. You can pick a call and by raising your hand you can use the Siri to make an order. The builtin cellular will also allow you to stream music while you workout.

Variants and Pricing

GPS + Cellular Starting at $499

GPS Starting at $399

Finishes and Color

  • GPS Plus Cellular as stainless steel comes in three colors Silver, Space Gray and Gold so is the Aluminium
  • GPS is only with three colors silver, space gray and gold

Other Features

Memory of 16GB and battery life of upto 18hrs

Power of computing is taken from S4 with 64-bit dual core processor

Two display sizes of 44mm and 40mm

Water resistant upto 50 meters and ambient light sensor

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