Editing Hosts File On Windows

Editing Hosts file in Windows

Editing Hosts file on Windows operating system is easy as long as you don’t open the file in the native location because you wont get the Open as Administrator option. A hosts file is an ASCII text file that contains IP Addresses mapped to domain name separated by at least one space. Each entry is kept on…

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Zambia Internet Service Providers

Fiber Optic Cable In Zambia

Internet is the most powerful tool of our time. Its use has become a basic and fundamental need in communication interaction. Am happy to see that Zambia is not behind in this technology as there are several internet service providers readily sharing this phenomenon. What is Internet Service Provider (ISP)? According to Wikipedia, an Internet…

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You can now send MTN MoMo to your bank

You can now send MTN MoMo to your bank its that simple now. MTN Mobile money service has been around for a while and has helped in circulating and changing of hands of money around the country Zambia. What is MoMo? MoMo is a service from MTN that offers a number of services including Bill Payment…

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What is Bitcoin how does it Work

What is Bitcoin? Will it be a currency of the future

As of today 1 Bitcoin is valued @61,329.70 Zambian Kwacha which is an equivalent of $6,128.32USD. This is not a joke. I remember last year in February my Server was hit by a Ransomware and the hackers wanted only 5 Bitcoins. The bitcoin value then was $350, so i only needed 15,000 Kwacha to recover…

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