List of BOZ Governors – Bank Of Zambia

Christopher Mvunga appointed governor for Bank of Zambia

Banking systems in Zambia go back to 1938 then Northern Rhodesia through the formation of the Southern Rhodesia Currency Board, which was based in Harare. The Board’s jurisdiction included Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia, and Nyasaland, now Malawi. As of 2021 here is the list of governors that have been since 1964 when Zambia got independence. Governors H. C. Harret, 1964–1967 Justin B.…

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Barclays bank rebrands to Absa bank Zambia

Barclays turn over to Absa bank branding

Barclays Bank Zambia completely rebrands to Absa Bank Zambia as of 10th February 2020. The International Bank has been slowly rebranding from 2019 starting with the rebranding of football tournament Barclays Cup Zambia to Absa Cup Zambia. The internet domain name, website, iOS and Android App also have changed to Absa Bank and a new…

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