6 business ideas that have the potential to succeed in Zambia

Zambia's growing economy presents exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs here are the 6 business ideas that can excel in Zambia

Zambia’s growing economy presents exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs in various industries, especially in the field of technology. From mobile payment solutions to solar energy, there is no shortage of innovative business ideas that can make a big impact in the country. Whether you’re looking to improve the efficiency of agricultural operations, provide accessible healthcare services,…

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Airtel Money Transfer Fee Hiked 17 Ngwee

Airtel Zambia Services

Airtel Money transfer fee for Zambia’s Airtel money transactions will be hiked to 17ngwee. Airtel Zambia offers Airtel money on their mobile network. Customers on the network access the service by dialing *778# or through the My Airtel app which aside mobile money offers also other customer seamless services. “Dear customer, effective 7th April 2021…

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How to receive money through PayPal in Zambia

Through Flutterwave you can now receive money through Paypal in Zambia

As you already may be aware you can’t receive money through Paypal in Zambia. While you can send and purchase international items through PayPal you can not receive money in a similar manner. However, hope is here through a Nigerian Startup Flutterwave that partnered with PayPal. PayPal says most of the financial institutions in Africa…

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Is Betway Zambia down

Betway Zambia appears to be down today 22 January 2020

Is Betway Zambia down? Yes, today morning of Wednesday 22 January 2020 Betway Zambia appears to be down. Betway Zambia both the mobile app and internet browser is problematic today and is redirection to South Africa Betway. Betway Zambia has the top-level domain of .zm a TLD belonging to Zambia. However, when you try to…

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