Can You Receive Money Through PayPal In Zambia?

CAn you receive money through PayPal in Zambia
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The straight and clear answer is no. According to PayPal financial regulations Zambia does not allow for receipt of money into a Zambian registered and linked account.

However you can send money through PayPal to other international PayPal users. But their is a special occasion when you can receive money on PayPal while still linked to Zambian account.

Having been an eBay and Amazon customer i regularly buy staff from the online stores and i have had occasions where a refund was requested after not been happy with the purchased product.

The refunded money did hit my Zambian account.

I lost Out Thousands of Kwachas From Online Jobs

I lost out a thousands of kwachas from a couple of jobs done online. At Utester it took me several complaints for not receiving money for the probing software work i did to realize that actually it was not the payee fault.

A similar thing happened at Hivework where now lucrative jobs pay as high as $2.65 which is 32.00 Kwacha for each completed task.

After several years of relaxing and frustration that online jobs were complicated and unfruitful someone emailed me about a small job i could do on my other sports blog Zedsoccer.

I obliged and job done but when it came to payments my preferred was PayPal. Guess what. No money in my account. Finally when i consulted here is what PayPal told me.

Dear Funashi Mwamba,

We appreciate your interest in using PayPal to receive payments online. Allow me to clarify this to you.

The reason why the payment is not going through is because some countries including Zambia are still unable to use certain features such as receiving money.

This service limitation is because of the laws and financial regulation of your country that PayPal had to comply with. Before we began to offer a certain service in various countries, we must make sure that we are fully compliant with local and international financial laws to protect your transactions.

In the meantime, kindly contact the buyer or sender to look for other payment options outside PayPal.

Rest assured that we are constantly working to offer more services in all countries that use PayPal.

We will notify you as soon as receiving money is available in your country.

We are looking forward to improving our service in Zambia. Thank you for choosing PayPal.


What are the Alternatives for receiving money form outside Zambia?


  1. Ronald Chansa on 07/05/2019 at 9:51 pm

    Hi Bro. Nice post.
    I also had the same problem when it came to receiving money from some online jobs. I did some research online and i discovered that the only way you can receive money successfully is if you create a PayPal bussiness account from iceland ( and then changing the Country details when filling out the form.
    Only down side is you can only use the cash to buy online i tried to transfer money from PayPal account to my debit card but failed. For more detail check out a fuy on YouTube called Fentop <= his from Naija but same process

  2. fidelis kezale on 21/05/2019 at 5:26 pm

    i have been a paypal user for almost five years now but this problem of not being able to receive money has been a set back in zambia

  3. Copperbelt Hip-hop Prodigy on 22/05/2019 at 11:21 pm

    Same here. For the past couple of years I have been able to aquire a bit of an audience on major online music platforms such as Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify. however, to this day I have not received a dime for all the sells and streams my music has been able to make as the only viable payment method is PayPal. This is indeed a major setback for our country.

  4. Nashokwa on 23/05/2019 at 6:33 am

    This is really bad, is it that our laws are not so flexible or our policy makers just dont see the need for ensuring such service is running here as well?

  5. Funashi on 23/05/2019 at 7:37 am

    I am trying something which i think may work out. Opening a Foreign account say USD and then link the card. I have opened the account already just trying to find some online work that will enable me to get paid through Paypal. Will keep you updated

  6. Shadreck on 03/07/2019 at 9:25 pm

    Not receiving money through parpal
    Is a big setback in zambia if you are doing online business

  7. Conscious Corleon on 05/07/2019 at 11:42 pm

    Hello Everyone. here is the way i receive money from PayPal. First things first create a PayPal account through the Malawi or South Africa PayPal page. link your debt card to have it verified after that you need to link a USA bank account of which you can make with this link

    after you make that bank account your Global payment system will be activated and you will be assigned with a bank account in all major countries but our interest is in the USA bank account. get the US bank account and link them to your Malawi paypal or SA paypal account after that you can withdraw funds you receive in Malawi paypal account then go back to payoneer and withdraw to the Zambian bank account. if anything ask i will help

    To Funashi help me write a petition on and tag all the financial institutions including the zambian gorv. highlighting the fact that we need paypal in zambia to recieve funds and withdraw locally. this may solve our mutual problem.

    contact me

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