Categories of Google Cloud Services

Google Cloud Services
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There are seven categories of Google Cloud services that are thoughtfully contained to help you run your Google project as seamlessly and make it easier as possible.

The containment projects include the most commonly used Google Cloud services.

Here is the list of the categories of Google Cloud Services in a brief summary

  • Compute: A variety of machine types that support any type of workload. The different computing options let you decide how much control you want over operational details and infrastructure.
  • Storage: Data storage and database options for structured or unstructured, relational or nonrelational data.
  • Networking: Services that balance application traffic and provision security rules.
  • Cloud Operations: A suite of cross-cloud logging, monitoring, trace, and other service reliability tools.
  • Tools: Services that help developers manage deployments and application build pipelines.
  • Big Data: Services that allow you to process and analyze large datasets.
  • Artificial Intelligence: A suite of APIs that run specific artificial intelligence and machine learning tasks on Google Cloud.

If you want an in depth explanations of what each of these categories does you can follow this link that takes you to documentation that covers each of these categories in more detail

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