How to Check ZESCO Load Management Schedule

It is importatnt Zesco e-Power is a mobile portal accessible via the phone's USSD and can help you interact with their power supply. Let’s dive into the features of this helpful platform:
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ZESCO Load Management Schedule; In the face of dwindling rainfall in Zambia and the subsequent decrease in water levels at the Kariba Dam—the cornerstone of Zambia’s power generation—Zambia grapples with the harsh reality of load shedding.

Here is how to use the Zesco e-Power app with an emphasis on checking the ZESCO Load Management Schedule. To check the Zesco load management schedule or load shedding simply dial *3600# and then choose option 6 and you will be required to enter the meter number for the concerned area. You can also download the countrywide schedule from here.

However, the e-Power can be used for other things to help us manage our electricity requirement in Zambia. Zesco e-Power is a mobile portal accessible via the phone’s USSD and can help you interact with Zesco power supply. Let’s dive into the features of this helpful platform:

  1. Report Faults: With Zesco e-Power, reporting faults in your electricity supply becomes a breeze. Simply navigate the user-friendly interface to log any issues promptly.

2. Track Reported Faults: Once you’ve reported a fault, stay in the loop with real-time updates on its status. Zesco e-Power keeps you informed every step of the way.

3. Prepaid Tokens: Never run out of power unexpectedly again. Easily load prepaid tokens onto your meter directly through the mobile portal, ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply.

4. Check Units: Curious about your power unit purchasing history? Zesco e-Power lets you effortlessly monitor your usage by checking the units you’ve recently purchased.

5. Load Management: Stay ahead of potential power outages with the load management feature. Get insights into scheduled load shedding in your area, allowing you to plan accordingly.

6. Track Applications: Whether you’ve applied for a new connection or a service upgrade, track the progress of your application hassle-free using Zesco e-Power.

7. Access Postpaid Bills: Gone are the days of waiting for paper bills. Zesco e-Power enables you to access and manage your postpaid electricity bills conveniently from your mobile device.

8. Zesco App Integration: Seamlessly integrate Zesco e-Power with the official Zesco mobile app for enhanced accessibility and functionality.

9. Talk to an Agent: Have queries or need assistance? Zesco e-Power offers the option to connect with a customer service agent directly through the platform.

10. SMS Queries: Can’t access the internet? No problem. Send SMS queries to Zesco for any additional assistance or information you may require.

To make the most of Zesco e-Power, ensure you have your meter number on hand. This revolutionary platform is compatible with all major mobile networks in Zambia, including Airtel, MTN, and Zamtel, making it accessible to a wide range of users across the country.

In addition to Zesco updates with Zesco e-Power right from your mobile phone, managing your electricity supply schedule is made more convenient or efficient.

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