Combating Coronavirus using technology

Work from home is one way to combat coronavirus
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Technology has corridors of Parthian to be used for good and right now its been used combating the pandemic coronavirus. Though technology in some cases has the potential to negatively affect physical and emotional health the overwhelming good it brings can overshadow the negative.

Beginning from China in the Wuhan area the SARS flu-like illness coronavirus, also COVID-19 has moved at the speed of gigabyte bandwidth to affect the whole world just in a matter of little time.

But technology has shade more light on the scenario. As scientists and doctors spend hours on end using lab technology to understand the virus the social media and other communication platforms have been ripe with chats, updates and discussions.

Technology has afforded everyone to know quickly with live updates which countries are most affected. And looking at the nature of how coronavirus spread has afforded to learn of social-distancing. Out of social distancing comes remote connection and work from home.

Countries most affected and or on lockdown like Italy, France, China, Spain and those with movement restrictions like United States of America, United Kingdom have businesses concentrate on working remotely from home.

Companies such as Sophos, Google and Microsoft have all largely offered cheaply or built on the capacity of the capabilities of the remote connection. One decent case is Siteground boasting 100% home office for all. Siteground offers data, website and email hosting and out of the million customers, thousands of clients have to be attended to each day.

100% home office for all
Last week we switched to remote work entirely and we all work from the safety of our homes now. To make things easier all SiteGround employees were encouraged to take company’s equipment home, so that they can create a comfortable and efficient work space.

100% ready infrastructure
Our infrastructure has been completely ready for the massive work-from-home situation long before the coronavirus outbreak. We have always provided remote work options and many of our employees have taken advantage over the years. So the system has been used, tested and ready for this situation.

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