Concerns On Data Protection Practises in Zambia

Data protection laws
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Data Protection Laws…

This week, I visited my bank to renew my expiring VISA Card. After all procedures were done, I was made to sign a Log Book just by the counter. Before my eyes were hundreds of customer names, card numbers, phone numbers, national IDs etc on almost 30 pages of that book.

“Do you really want me to enter my details and later endorse my signature in this book?” I asked the bank lady..
“Yes Sir…it’s fine and there is no big deal” she responded.
I looked at her and shook my head…
“What guarantee do I have that the next customer will not see my details in this book?” I inquired…
“What do you mean?’ she asked..
“I mean exactly what I said” I responded..

Baffled as she was, I stood my grounds…
“My data is not protected as the current situation is now”, I said and went on to explain a bit of Data Protection and it’s implication on Fraud via Cyber Crime. She was able to understand my concerns and promised that she will take up the issue further with the management.

What I saw in that LOG BOOK was something…..

Keep your information SAFE….


Source Michael Ilishebo 

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