Data Bundle Gifts Airtel vs MTN

Airtel vs MTN: So where do you personally get more gifts of data from MTN or Airtel?
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Airtel vs MTN: How often do you get data bundle gifts from your mobile phone provider? And when you get what is the size of the bundle? Is it small is it something you can fully use?

I have often received data bundles from MTN under the Data YANGA. In fact, I receive every monthly data and voice gift from MTN Zambia. So here is the battle Airtel vs MTN data bundle gifts.

With Airtel Zambia, I rarely receive any gifts except for the 5GB and 60 minutes offer once you activate a new line. However, this gift has even stopped working as when recently I purchased a new SIM card for my kids, and to date the bundle could not be activated.

However today in my long time activated Airtel number I received a whooping 1GB gift.

“Congratulations! Airtel has given you 1GB, valid 7 days.” the message said. “Browse and catch up on Social networks. Click to browse. Dial *114*18# to check balance”

Data Bundle Gifts Airtel vs MTN 1
Airtel Data Gift of 1GB

I was happy!

Getting back to MTN. Am not that happy despite that MTN gives me gifts every month under the *777# YANGA scheme. MTN gives me 5MB every month. But what can I do with 5MB which gets finished immediately phone connects to the internet?

But recently that 5MB offer seems to have disappeared from my menu. I have been happy cause I now feel not excited to check my gift which is often worthless. Though on special occasions like Christmas and other special holidays MTN extends its arm a little bit and try to offer 100MB.

So where do you personally get more gifts of data from MTN or Airtel?

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