Does typing @[4:0] show Mark Zuckerberg in Comments

Facebook trick of typing @4:0 hack
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Does typing @[4:0] show the name Mark Zuckerberg in Comments?

From the experience of people on social media like Zambian Scorpion, it does seem to show the name Mark Zuckerberg once the code @[4:0] is typed in the comments. People have gone ahead to mislead others that if it shows a name other than Mark Zuckerberg then your account is hacked. 

What is @[4:0]

The code @[4:0] is actually a little piece of shorthand that runs as a ‘code’ behind the comment interface. It tells Facebook to produce the name of the Facebook profile associated with the ID number. And this is instructed inside the square bracket – in this case, the number 4 is represented as the ID.

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People typing @[4:0] on social media shows Mark Zuckerberg

When you create a Facebook profile and or page a unique ID is generated immediately and associated with your name. So giving an example when one types @[1590344557:0] will produce Funashi Mwamba since that ID is associated with Funashi Mwamba

For Mark to have 4 it means he registered early and there must be numbers 1, 2, and 3. Today’s IDs run into billion since more people have registered. Look at the Facebook Page ID of this Blog that it runs into trillion 222459544621363. Of course, these are generic IDs as Facebook obfuscates the real number of registered users. Revealing the actual number is an advantage to the competitor 

This trick may work. If doesn’t work it doesn’t mean anything. It does not mean there is a security breach with Facebook. If this was a vulnerable trick Facebook would have addressed this year back in accordance with the privacy and security agreement that we all have accepted as Facebook users.  Speaking theoretically a hacker can use such tricks with well-crafted code to flood the Facebook database in order to achieve malicious desired results. 

That is why it is important before you type-in any ‘suggestive tricks’ as you browse around the internet you find out the real  facts.

Previously Facebook ID was easily accessible by doing a Right Click in an empty space in your browser while on your profile. Going to Source Code and typing in search “ID” the text appeared with your ID number next to it. Facebook has undergone various upgrades and some things are not easily found. But if you want to check your ID go to 

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