DSTV A7 Remote Features Backlight and Switches off TV

DSTV A7 Remote Features Backlight that illuminates the buttons once the remote is held
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DSTV Explora 2 was released way back in 2016 more accurately September. The Explora 2 is smaller and lighter compared to the Bigger Brother the first DSTV Explora. What interest me more about the Explora 2 aside the superior interface graphics and the performance is the STB Remote.


Look at this everyday scenerio for me. The STB remote has been idle for a long time, i pick it up and wala the remote backlight is put on automatically. This is a great feature especially that i enjoy watching movies in low light. I can see clearly the marked buttons even without illuminating the room. 


This is not the only fascinating caveat that the A7 comes with. The A7 remote also turns off my Samsung TV. As a result i don’t have to pick the other remote when i need to retire and switch off the Television set.


The A7 remote can also be paired with the other current DSTV Set Top Boxes. My first experience was seamless. Without even knowing it the sooner i had put the batteries in the A7 the remote was ready to be used on my other Explora. 

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