DStv Makes Price Adjustments Again: What You Need to Know

MultiChoice price adjustments in 2023
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DStv Makes Price Adjustments Again; This blog post addresses the new pricing for DSTV bouquets in Zambia for August 2023 and going forward.

DStv, the popular satellite television service provided by MultiChoice Zambia, has announced price adjustments for some of its DStv and GOtv packages, set to take effect from August 1st, 2023.

This marks a second price increase in a space of 4 months. DStv price increase in 2023 was first in April when the Premium Bouquet was affected from 1,100 to 1200 Kwacha per month. Compact Plus was adjusted from 680 to 750 Kwacha.


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These adjustments come as part of MultiChoice’s ongoing efforts to deliver quality content and maintain a sustainable business model. In this blog post, we will outline the changes in the DStv and GOtv bouquets and provide you with the updated prices, all of which are inclusive of the 5 Kwacha TV levy.

Changes in DStv Bouquets:

Compact Plus:

Old Price: 750 ZMW
New Price: 770 ZMW

Old Price: 500 ZMW
New Price: 520 ZMW

Old Price: 325 ZMW
New Price: 345 ZMW

DStv Access:
Old Price: 180 ZMW
New Price: 190 ZMW

Changes in GOtv Bouquets:

GOtv Max:

Old Price: 250 ZMW
New Price: 255 ZMW

GOtv Plus:
Old Price: 185 ZMW
New Price: 190 ZMW

GOtv Value:
Old Price: 110 ZMW
New Price: 120 ZMW

As of August 1st, 2023, MultiChoice Zambia will be implementing price adjustments for certain DStv and GOtv packages. These adjustments reflect the company’s commitment to providing a diverse range of quality entertainment options while ensuring the sustainability of its services.

It is important for DStv and GOtv subscribers to be aware of these changes and plan their subscription choices accordingly. For detailed information and any further updates, we recommend reaching out to MultiChoice Zambia or visiting their official website.

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