DStv To Slash Prices In East Africa

DStv To Slash Prices In East Africa 1
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Still, this could mean no reduction to the DStv pricing in Zambia.

Various media outlets are reporting DStv will slash the pricing of there various subscriptions. Key markets affected are East Africa with Kenya to report as much as 37% reduced prices in the September subscription.

The subscription cuts are meant to help the DStv try to shape up to its customers in the rise of streaming services that are bringing competition to DStv.

In Kenya, various streaming services roam and with prices of internet connection dropping and increased accessibility more consumers turn to Amazon, Netflix, Kwese and various online streaming video services.

The video streaming services onboarding have attractive pricing models with internet connection consumers are free to go.

In July 2017, Kwese announced a new product in the region that allows its customers to budget around particular timelines, and events like big matches and top sporting calendar activities to access the content they need.

On September 1 DStv Premium will get a 5% price reduction, to Ksh7 500/month (K956.48 at the time of writing). The price of Compact Plus will decline to Ksh4 500 (R666), from Ksh5 200 — 13.5% cut. The reduced prices are similar to what Zambian MultiChoice subscribers already pay.

This could mean no reduction to the DStv pricing in Zambia.

DStv Compact customers will see prices fall by 21% to Ksh2 500 (K320), while the Family bouquet will now cost Ksh1 200 (K150), a decrease of 37%.

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