Embrace Chinese Technology With Caution

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Nury Turkel of the Uighur Human Rights Project told BBC Hardtalk’s Shaun Ley: “I am afraid of mass murder because we don’t know, other than a few individuals have managed to leave the camps. People are not leaving. Where have those million people gone? What are they being charged of?”

China has millions of its own muslims committed into concentration camps. Violence and terrorism crackdown are top list agenda of the camps. Anyway that’s what China would want to tell us. They are more of prison states for people to conform to the ideal ways of the state.

China communist have designed the camps to adjust individuals in accordance to how China society should normalize.

Sad to technology devices China has managed to group millions of individuals effectively and without the world noticing the repression. China does use its technology so well to shut down freedom of expression, circulation of ideas or anything the communist gentlemen feel will break down the cogs of its grip.


China’s Dangerous Will-Powered Technology

In recent light of China takeovers in Zambia i may comment on how China as a state run country is a dangerous entity particularly in the area of technology. It calls on all of us Zambians to embrace Chinese technology with caution.


With its higher technology commitment China has heavily controlled its citizens with use of spying and collected data. Technology and internet has helped the government create a shrewd controlling system. China’s Social Credit System is a reality that the government has successfully invested in.

Furthermore other China’s use of technology to suppress citizens free thoughts points have been learnt from its Google invasion and heavy censorship of the search engine.

Read On Social Credit System is use of technology to allow conformance of society

Google ethos is summed up in its strategy focus that go beyond profits from mere marketing and instead to make the world a better place. Google buy into “Don’t be Evil”.

However in 2010 Chinese regime forced Google to drop out the search engine from China because of heavy regime censorship. Google decision to leave China market went beyond the puffery marketing for profits. China as a country commands a huge internet market that Microsoft and Apple still entertain.

Simple reason for China’s heavy censorship is the danger of Google shaping the society, introducing freedom of ideas and liberties. From those events leading to 2010 China has further been strict of social media. WhatsApp and Facebook don’t work in China. completely blocked 24 hours on the clock. Snapchat and many blogging sites are blocked giving rise to local development of apps that undergo the Communist censorship.

Have you ever wondered why so many Chinese living in Zambia love the Casinos? China has outlawed Casino despite the peoples thousands of years traditional affinity to games of chance.


China’s World Espionage

Overally, China is ruthless in its citizen conformity progression and Communist safeguard operations. As Zambia open doors with such a country we need to be worry of its machinations. China does think ahead and strategies to suit its envisioned position in the world. Thats why its espionage upon the world knows little boundary.


And technology has been key for China to advance its own will and control.


And so as we borrow for favors and ask for technology from China we must be careful what data the Chinese get from Zambia. Just last year America through Trump administration banned sale of  ZTE components as they posed a security threat.


Ethiopia: According to an article on Wikipedia a Chinese company China State Construction Engineering Corporation, installed computer equipment at the African Union headquarters which were compromised between 2012 and 2017. A malware was busy sending data from AU servers to Shanghai China.

Everyday thousands of bots from China hit Zambian websites. They are busy collecting data and forming an opinion on our consumption patterns and way of choices.

The market for Chinese electronics including ZTE Blade products is on high demand. ZICTA must help regulate these for to allow us all embrace Chinese technology with caution.

ZICTA must ask for technical and advanced expertise to assess what China is ‘dumping to Zambia’ to ensure those are not compromised products.That China is not frustrating our economy through inferior technology devices.



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