Facebook Business Page Template Changes

Facebook Updates to Page Template
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Facebook will be making changes to the Facebook Business Page templates from August 22 2018. This is an ongoing effort to prioritize content delivery on Facebook to both Facebook Pages and Facebook Profile.

Facebook Profile is a personal account on Facebook and differs from the Page. A Facebook Page is a business account that represents a company or organization. With this differentiation Facebook at their backend has these ‘programers’ creating robots. The bots run advanced algorithms sorting Facebook data to deliver content on the Facebook platform.

This means that when you are a Zambian resident in Angola and also me a Zambian but on the Copperbelt the bots would work and deliver what content is relevant for either. But its not always relevant as it mostly turn out to be obtrusive.

Content relevance is based on the little choices we make on Facebook. The pages we like, the Groups and individuals we follow. The choice of allowing Facebook accessing our location. Giving them our birthdate and so on.

In the recent wake of facebook scandals. Among them the way Facebook handles its user data Facebook updates have focused to increase security for users and transparency from the Pages they’re exposed to.

New Facebook Business Page Template

Now that most of those issues are been addressed Facebook has moved on to address a plethora of updates like Keyword Snoozing to limit exposure. Page Template redesign to help Businesses brand flow intuitively rather than obtrusive

In view of this the new template is specifically for Pages to help people get the information they need easier and faster. Relevant information such as hours, price range and recommendations are prioritized so people can easily take action. So that people can place an order or contact the Facebook Business Page directly.

Facebook is constantly spamming the users with the endless “Like Suggestions’ and give little control to turn off such a feature. They are such an annoyance. On the personal profile once you start to watch a video just for once and the next moment is a severe incursion and constant overwhelming flow of similar videos.

If not careful you soon lose your relevant content and Facebook leads you into their lure. Haven’t you ever noticed that sometime you stop seeing post from people otherwise you might want?

Glad Facebook approach on the Pages is a little different and the new template seem to offer business priorities. From a Standard template to a Facebook Business Page with more Services highlight.

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