Facebook Messenger Secretly Gets Dark Mode. Here Is How To Enable It

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The folks at Reddit posted that Facebook Messenger has Dark Mode enabled secretly for both Android and iOS.

Its long been rumored this feature was coming to Facebook Messenger. Dark Mode is a global dark theme for the web and also increasingly been made popular on most Android and iOS mainstream apps.

Also called Light-on-dark color scheme Dark Mode employs a color scheme that uses light-colored text, icons, and graphical user interface elements on a dark background.

Here is How To Enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

Ensure you have the newest Messenger installed because the newest version of Facebook Messenger includes an AMOLED Dark Mode!

  1. Send just the 🌙 emoji to anyone (or even yourself).
  2. Tap on the moon emoji in the chat after you send it.
  3. A pop up should appear saying you found dark mode.
  4. Go to settings and you should see it there


If their is no pop up “you found dark mode” a number of the crescent moon should fly down.

Still nothing close your app and open it again and tap the moon you sent

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