Finally Chat will Put To Use My Thousand SMS Bonus

MTN and Airtel among the Chat Carriers
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Google has a new service Chat that will bring vibrancy to SMS and add features. The service will bring to life the default Android messaging and turn things round for the SMS App.
Universal Profile for Rich Communication Services (RCS) will replace SMS (Short Messaging Service). Though to note is that the RCS will not be an end-to-end encryption like Signal or the iMessage on iPhone.

You can read about secure Chat applications


Chat Service

Since Chat is a carrier-based service and not a Google service the mobile service providers in Zambia like MTN Airtel and Vodafone are onboard to enable the service once rolled out by Google on the Android. The service will be enabled on carrier basis and am just wondering where Zamtel is on this.
This will mean if you are texting somebody who doesn’t have Chat enabled or is not an Android user, your messages will revert back to SMS — much in the same way that an iMessage does says The Verge.
This is a great feature coming to Android SMS making chatting vibrant. I hope those thousand of free messages am awarded after subscribing to minutes or bundle service will not disappear as most of us will use this service.
The finals arbiters in what will work with RCS is the mobile providers themselves. This may create a huge mess in Zambia with all this porn revenge and privacy issues we have not grasped to handle.
RCS will still be working on the same privacy standard as the SMS. Meaning in Zambia i can request a copy of the images and videos sent from Chat.
Source The Verge
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