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MusicTime MTN
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MusicTime is a music streaming app available from MTN on both iOS and PlayStore. The application was developed by Progressive Holdings. The app promises free 60 minutes of MusicTime with data inclusive and valid for 7 days. However, no user seems to confirm the app actually works.

But according to the developers features of the app include;

● Instant access ( Start streaming instantly )
● No data needed for music streaming.
● No subscriptions (only pay for the time you listen)
● Easy to use interface with search, playlists & trending music.
● Share your playlists with friends
● Ready-made playlists
● Millions of local and international hits
● Genre & Artist based Radio stations also available

However, according to most user reviews, the app is very difficult to access and out there to use. A lensesview check showed the app giving an error just at signup. Several reviews at Google PlayStore discourage downloading the app as none of the users has managed to use it.

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