Galaxy S22 Ultra Unveiling

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
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Samsung unveiled its flagship phone line Galaxy S22 Ultra on 10th February 2022. Introducing Galaxy S22 Ultra – is it really the most boundary-breaking innovation in the mobile industry. It sets a new standard for smartphones.

When is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra available in Zambia and how much is it going to cost? Galaxy S22 Ultra was unveiled on 10th February 2022 and is available for pre-order in America

A few notable things about S22 Ultra is

The first Galaxy S with built-in S Pen

Nightography can take photos after dusk

Expert Raw – With Studio Pro you can edit images you saved in RAW right from the Gallery.

Camera – 108MP sensor, the highest resolution pics available on a smartphone.

Selfie front Camera comes at a 40MP

Space Zoom- Dual Tele Zoom system can get you closer 100x to the object of photography

Review by Marques Brownlee

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