Gamers: Best Xbox gaming headset for 2022

Best Xbox gaming headset for 2022
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Gamers: If you’re serious about your Xbox gaming, a proper headset is an essential piece of gear. Even casual gamers will enjoy the more immersive gaming experience a good headset will provide. They help create a multisensory experience to accompany games’ gorgeous visuals and allow you to hear every shot and step around you in a tense multiplayer match.

And Xbox gamers have a wide variety of different options to choose from, whether you prefer a wired Xbox headset, or want to go with a more advanced wireless headset. So read on if you’re looking for the best Xbox headsets 2022 has to offer. 

Whether you’ve got a trusty Xbox One, or a mighty new or Series S, a wired headset is an easy and affordable option. Both generations of controllers feature a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, so it’s a simple plug-and-play setup. Plus, it’s also worth noting that many, if not most of the best Xbox headset options in the wired gaming headset category also work just fine with the PlayStation 5, Windows PCs, Macs and the Nintendo Switch.  

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If you want to eliminate the cord that goes from the controller to your headphones, however, there are plenty of wireless headset options too. The nice thing about them is that most don’t require a USB dongle to connect wirelessly (most PS4 wireless headsets do, for example). Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless technology allows you to quickly pair with your Xbox sans dongle. Wireless models that require dongles are specifically noted below.

In making these picks, we focused mainly on a few key variables, including design and build quality, comfort and sound quality, as well as extra features — think noise cancellation, noise isolation, surround sound, detachable microphone and Bluetooth connectivity — along with price. We also took mic quality into consideration, because that’s especially important if your gaming session requires group coordination. If you can’t be heard, you can’t strategize.

Finally, so far as we know, all of the Xbox One wireless headsets listed here will also work with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

With those basics established, let’s talk about the best Xbox headset. These are the results of our own home-based testing, updated periodically, as well as some of the other most popular gaming headsets on the market at the moment. Any of these can greatly enhance your gaming experience, especially when settling in for a long gaming session.

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