Gmail 2018 Update Rolls Out In Zambia

Google Mail Major update on Nexus
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Gmail 2018 Update Rolls Out In Zambia. Gmail is an easy to use email app that saves you time and keeps your messages safe. Get your messages instantly via push notifications, read and respond online & offline, and find any message quickly.

Back in April 2018 Google begun to update it’s Gmail application. Its a Google major update and redesign in a long time. The new design is now been rolled out to users in Zambia. After login into Gmail you will be prompted to opt for the latest update.

It’s always good to update applications and i see no reason why you shouldn’t. Most of the users in America and Europe where the update was first rolled out are already on the tip. If you are eager to update rather than wait for Google simply follow this;

  1. Open up Gmail and click the settings cog at the top right of the screen.
  2. From there, simply click ‘Try the new Gmail’ to switch over.
  3. You’ll be asked which inbox display you’d like the service to default to, and after that you’re all set.

What’s new in the Gmail 2018 update?

For starters their is the new look probably from the way things have been rearranged.

Snoozing is a key feature and update to Gmail. You now can simply highlight the email and go to snooze and pick your date option. This is a great feature as most users have come to rely so heavy on email communication and most often the users would want to be reminded to get back to the email.

Also the Gmail 2018 New Update let users tick on certains emails to be shown in notifications.

I didn’t notice that my Contacts had disappeared not until i broke my screen lcd of the phone. So i hurried to reach out to my contacts and walaaa! i could not find it.

Contacts has now been moved to location where you get the Google Apps.  Contacts allows you to keep your address book clean, safely backed up, and available everywhere.

Also in that section key apps have been given room like Classroom, Account and Keep. Keep allows you to save your notes, memo and list. Calendar has also been moved from Gmail to the standalone app.

With Smart Reply Gmail allows you to quickly respond to emails using auto-suggested responses that Gmail will serve up on the web. Google has begun to integrate several of their AI’s into the Gmail.

Meaning Gmail can also suggest when to unsubscribe to a newsletter. This means the Google AI will be able to tell if you are reaching out to some emails and gadge your interests going forward.

On the security update Gmail now allows you to set emails to a recipient that will expire in a certain amount of time. When the threshold is reached the email will simply disappear in the recipients box. Gmail service is employing use of Google AI to detect phishing scams and present warnings over the same.


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