Goodbye To Google Drive Hello Google One

Google is ditching google drive for Google One
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Google is ditching Google Drive for Google One. If you are an Android User then am so sure you are a Google User. And you must be using the Google refined ecosystem of Gmail for your mail communication, photo storage with services such as Google Drive and Photos. Google offers a who lot of cloud services packed into G Suite.

G Suite is a cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products that include Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Jamboard and Vault. The purpose of Google One is to make improvements to the way we interact as Internet users with our toys such as photos and documents.

Google One

Now Google has introduced Google One, a simple plan for expanded storage that includes extra benefits to help you get more out of Google.  Google promises 

  • More space and smarter options
  • Access to Google experts, plus extra benefits
  • Shareable storage plans

If you are a paid user for Google drive you will be automatically migrated to Google One. Migration will start from where the company is rooted in the United States. But if you are a regular user and living in Zambia just be on the look out. You will have to wait a little bit longer. And luckily you can sign up for email notification and be the first to use the new service.


To be notified when Google one will be available in Zambia you can signup from here


Google One Pricing

Google One plans will start at 100 GB for $1.99, 200 GB for $2.99, and 2 TB for $9.99 per month, while pricing for plans larger than 2TB will remain the same. (Existing 1 TB Drive plans will be upgraded to 2 TB at no extra cost.)

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