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Google believes that in the future, every company will be a data company. Because making the fastest and best use of data is a critical source of competitive advantage. 

Hence, beginning with App Engine in 2008 culminating into more services in 2017 is why Google launched its cloud console.

Google Cloud provides a way for everybody to take advantage of Google’s investments in infrastructure and data processing innovation. Google Cloud has automated out the complexity of building and maintaining data and analytics systems. 

Google’s technologies for getting the most out of data fastest. 

Whether it’s real-time analytics or machine learning Google’s technologies is present for getting the most out of data fastest.  These tools are intended to be simple and practical for developers to embed in their applications so that they can put data into the hands of domain experts and get insights faster.

Google Big Data

So Google Cloud Big Data or Google Big Data fully-managed, a multi-cloud analytics platform that empowers everyone to get insights while eliminating constraints of scale, performance, and cost.

Google Big Data allows for use of real-time insights and data apps to drive decisions and innovation. This website itself is an example of the use of Big Data. At Lensesview through Google’s analytics, the team is able to log hits and views on the website.

Big Data allows us at Lensesview to trace who is visiting our website to knowing the age, smartphone used, and the mobile network that was used wether be it MTN, Zamtel Airtel, Hai and or VSAT.

Machine Learning

Machine learning focuses on applications that learn from experience and improve their decision-making or predictive accuracy over time.

Machine learning is one branch of the field of artificial intelligence. It’s a way of solving problems without explicitly coding the solution. Instead, human coders build systems that improve themselves over time through repeated exposure to sample data, which we call training data. Major Google applications use machine learning like YouTube, Photos, the Google Mobile App and Google Translate. 

Google Machine learning, also known as Google Cloud AI, is a crash of Innovative machine learning products and services on a trusted GCP Google Cloud Platform.

Machine learning extends beyond Google AI and there are various developers ahead in the industry. But at Lensesview certain real world applications of machine learning are used.

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