Google Chrome 70 Major Features

Google Chrome 70 Major Features
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Google Chrome 70 will bring a lot of major changes to the browser that may see some websites shutting down or inaccessible. Thousands of sites may go down because of using distrusted website security certificates. 


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Here is a list of websites likely to go down

List Of Zambian Websites Affected by Chrome 68 Update


But Chrome version 70 follows on the tip top of Chrome’s major redesign we saw in the launch of Chrome 69. The next version of Google’s web browser rolling out on 16th October 2018 will introduce several new features such as

  • Shape detection and bar code scanning
  • Web Authentication support with bio metric scanners on macOS and Android where available
  • Web Bluetooth support on Windows 10
  • Google will also reverse the controversial decision that saw forcibly sign users into the browser once they log into a Google account on the web.

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