Google improves 2-Step verification with phone sign-in prompts

Google 2-step verification includes Google prompts on phone
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Securely signing in to Google just got easier as Google is improving 2-Step Verification so everyone can use Google prompts to sign-in securely and better protect their accounts.

Instead of using a 2-Step Verification code to sign in, you can tap a prompt that Google sends to your phone. The prompt will ask if you’re trying to sign in.

Signing in this way adds the security of 2-Step Verification and is quicker than entering a verification code. Most high-end phones already get Google prompts feature and you can securely sign in faster.

Google improves 2-Step verification with phone sign-in prompts 1
Google prompt making the 2-step verification easier

If you use phones that currently don’t get Google sign-in prompts, they’ll be able to get prompts after July 7, 2020. Going forward, any eligible phone you add to your account will also get prompts. In most cases, other 2-Step Verification options will continue to work as backup second steps.

How Google prompts protect your account after you enter your password, Google sends a secure push notification to every eligible phone where you’re signed in. This prompt tells you when and where your password was entered, so you can decide whether to approve or block the attempt to sign in.

To stop getting prompts on a particular phone, sign out of that phone. Learn more about Google prompts. Also, you can always review your security settings in your Google Account.

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