Google Maps Roll Big Major Fresh Update

Google Maps get fresher and major update
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If you are a user of Google Maps in Zambia you must be happy as a key and major rollout is happening from today for the Google Maps application.

Google Maps has many good points. I love looking at Google Maps as it helps me quickly locate places in Zambia. When I have a trip to Lusaka and need to be at a point am not sure if I first consult Google Maps.

So as Google makes fresher updates to the Maps application it makes a case of usability.

Google Maps’ major updates were mentioned early in May at Google I/O 2018.

But today when I checked my Google Maps this morning around 11 am I noticed a change in the user interface that included new buttons and colorful icons against a mostly white background.

Locations and places were clearly marked with different colors and a soft font either regular or bold. To have the new maps you need not do anything.

It’s a server-side update and it’s been rolled out firstly on Android as users reach out to the application.

Google map images and maps in satellite mode showed the terrain more clear and in HD with clearly marked trees and roads.

Although the update has removed some major roads and relegated them to a minor. Like look at the Ndola-Mufulira Road you will notice the relegation and instead, the Sakania road in Congo DR gets a major highlight.

Also, I noticed some roads leading to my home were completely cut and google had to estimate my journey home wrongly.

Google Maps in Zambia
Google Map Update relegates some major roads to a minor like the Ndola – Mufulira Road and Kitwe – Mufulira up to Mokambo border of DR Congo

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