Google Translate Into IciBemba Chichewa Tumbuka and Lozi

Google Translate Into IciBemba Chichewa Tumbuka and Lozi

Sometime back i clicked on “Google Offered In:” in my Google Search. I picked IciBemba and a few dotted words appeared in my local language like how long Google took to search and showed the results. I could see a section of Images was correct right in my local language ‘Ifikope’, ‘amalfilimu’ to say Video and ‘Nafimbi’ to indicate other searches.

But that was it. No more no less. A visit to the Google Translate into icibemba chichewa tumbuka and lozi was still not helpful.

As Zambia we have not done much to popularise Google Search and Translate into our local languages as Swahili, Zulu and Xhosa have done.

Those having an eye for the Information Technology as a career perhaps could start to look at Google Translate into icibemba chichewa tumbuka and lozi on any other local language.

The Bible Society did a wonderful job in the early access to technology in this region as they translated the whole bible not only into bemba but as well as Chichewa and other local languages.

The Bible actually was my helpful to learn reading and writing in bemba my local language.

But Google Translate is not helpful to learn a language

That’s very true. At its most Google Translate is terrible and a sheer waste of time.

  • “Ten” translated into Bemba on Google Translate comes out as the numerals “10”. This is clearly no use to anybody. In IciBemba there is never a numeral “10” but just a word “ikumi”
  • Although Google Translate can teach you foreign swear words, only a native can show you the proper intonation. A few of the white folks at my work learnt a few words in a Google Translate like manner to be on guard over some native expressions. I think it was in vain.
  • Google Translate is only good and helpful when there’s internet.

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