Here Are Eight Tips For Ensuring Your Passwords Are As Strong As Possible.

Keep Your Passwords under wraps
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With Michael Ilishebo

How do you treat your password? Do you take a special interest in how you manage your password? Do you know how important your password is to your digital life?

Here are eight tips for ensuring your passwords are as strong as possible.

1. Make Your Password Long.

My last password was in the form of a small sentence Internetisverslow and rated it would take 6 trillion years to crack it.

2. Make Your Password A Nonsense Phrase.

I have money like beans without spaces would make an ideal great password “1havemoneylikebeans” which would take 3 quintillion years for the conventional pc to crack.

3. Include Numbers, Symbols and Upper Case and Lower Letters.

Easy as peasy can be easy3asyAS@Peasy and no password text file would include it in the listing

4. Avoid Using Obvious Personal Information.

Passwords that include your name or that of your child are easy to guess. Avoid those at all. if you use then follow the other tips in combination.

5. Do Not Reuse Passwords.

Hackers store stolen passwords in the database for years. The databases are the starting point for the hacking mission

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6. Start Using a Password Manager. 

If you have several security points that require passwords to start thinking of a Password Manager. Last I retrieved cached passwords in Chrome I found the list short up to 110 security points that needed verification including websites, social media, applications, and computer devices.

7. Keep Your Password Under Wraps

Keep your password under wraps

8. Change Your Passwords Regularly.

Hope the Eight Tips For Ensuring Your Passwords Are As Strong As Possible will help you. Hackers are at work everyday mining trying to crack your passwords no matter how strong you make them. However, the stronger your password, the harder it is for the hackers to penetrate into your accounts or systems.

More ‘Password Guide’ Rules

The first rule of Password Guide is: You do not share the Password.
The second rule of Password Guide is: You do NOT share the PASSWORD.
The third rule of Password Guide: If there is a data breach, that password is over.
Fourth rule2FA when possible for every site.
Fifth ruleOne unique password per site.
Sixth ruleNo simple passwords nor can they match the top 10 million.
Seventh ruleThe password should be as long as it can be.

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